Economic Impact

Economic Impact Study Information for Oklahoma Museums Particpation - 2016

ARTS & ECONOMIC PROSPERITY 5: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts & Culture Organizations and Their Audiences in the State of Oklahoma
(With a report specifically on the Oklahoma museum sector)

Good news!  Oklahomans for the Arts has just launched a new, yearlong effort to gather data about Oklahoma's nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences. Through this effort, we will all learn about the investments our organizations are making to our state's economy, and how audiences spend money attending cultural events.

In actuality, it goes beyond nonprofits and you can view the guidelines here to determine if your organization is not a nonprofit, but still is included in the survey (such as government agencies and historical societies.) 

The OKLAHOMA MUSEUMS ASSOCIATION is one of the statewide partners on this important economic impact study, specifically measuring the Oklahoma museum sector economic impact.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

The first step in this study is audience surveying, and OMA is requesting for you to gather information from YOUR MUSEUM audience, specifically those who attend your events.   You can download all the information you need below. 

Museum event audience survey
Museum event audience survey (Large Print)
Museum event audience survey (Spanish Language)
Batch Cover
Detailed audience survey collection information including frequently asked questions
Guidelines on how to determine if your organization should be included in the study
Press Release

Here are the easy steps to follow when asking your museum events attendees to complete the survey:

  • Plan to survey a diversity of your museum events throughout the year.
  • Try to collect no more than 50 surveys from any single event or activity. (But if you collect more or less than that, it's ok! Please submit all surveys gathered, even if it's 1 or 2.
  • All surveys must be completed and returned on-site at the event.
  • Survey materials needed: Printed surveys, envelope to return completed surveys and black pens.
  • Surveys should be completed by only 1 person in each immediate travel party, and only by adults aged 18+.
  • Collect surveys from a diverse representation of attendees. Strategies include surveying every 10th person, or placing surveys randomly and a collection box/volunteer at exit.
  • At the end of each museum event, surveys should be collected in a bundle, with an "Audience Expenditure Survey Batch Cover Sheet" clipped to the top. This will help keep track the data for each event and study segment. Mail these bundles directly to: Americans for the Arts, Attn: Ben Davidson, 1000 Vermont Ave NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20005

You are invited to participate in a conference call on Wednesday, February 24 at 1 pm to answer questions about audience surveying.  We will send out call information as the date approaches.

Learn more about the impact of this study and how you can get involved at

Oklahomans for the Arts
Oklahoma Museums Association
Oklahoma Arts Council
Allied Arts
Arts Council OKC
City of Oklahoma City
Cultural Development Corporation
Norman Arts Council
Arts Alliance Tulsa
Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa
Tulsa Arts Commission
Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust
Graceful Arts Gallery & Studios (Alva)
The Arts in Guthrie (Guthrie)
Ponca City Art Center (Ponca City)