OMA strives to provide discounts to members on a variety of products and services. In some cases, OMA receives financial support through discount partnerships when you use the links below to make purchases. Discounts are available at no additional cost to you or OMA. All discount proceeds we receive are used to support the OMA scholarship fund.

Additional information on products and services offered by OMA's affiliated organization/corporate members may be found here

OMA encourages you to independently research all products and services to ensure a perfect fit for you and your museum!

Want to offer OMA members a discount? Read the OMA Business/Vendor Relations Policy and Discount Program Policy here.  After reviewing our policy, if your business is interested in partipating in the OMA Discount Program, please contact Brenda Granger, OMA Executive Director. 

Archival, Exhibit and Library Supplies

Gaylord Archival offers OMA members the following discounts and benefits when using the priority code OMA04 while shopping at Gaylord Archival:

18% off Traditional Supplies with free shipping on orders over $200
10% off Furniture, plus freight
18% off Archival Supplies with free shipping on orders over $200

In addition to you receiving the above benefits, OMA receives a  percentage of the purchase total when you visit Gaylord Archival using the priority code OMA04. Orders to Gaylord Archival also may be placed  by telephone using the priority code OMA04 and calling 1.800.448.6160 or online at using priority code OMA04

Disability Income and Long-Term Care Insurance

Rockgate Financial Partners offers OMA members the following sponsored group discounts:

15% discount on Disability Income (DI) insurance with Ameritas Insurance Company

5%* discount on Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance with John Hancock Life Insurance Company

* May receive up to 35% discount if you qualify for multiple discounts.

Please contact Brett McGee with Rockgate Financial Partners at (405)-408-3837 or [email protected].