Launch of Wellbeing Webpages

The Oklahoma Museums Association Wellbeing Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the new Wellbeing webpages developed with assistance from the Oklahoma Arts Council and Oklahoma Humanities for use by the entire cultural community.  Wellbeing is an important part of our lives each day, especially now as we face a unique set of challenges. Learning how to take care of yourself is an important step, not only in the present, but for the rest of your life. How you address your wellbeing‒whether it be emotional, physical, social, workplace, or societal‒will improve your quality of life. 

The State of Oklahoma Employee Assistance Program will present the Eight Dimensions of Wellness program. According to one of the presenters, Jill Amos, they have been presenting to teams about the importance of self-care and what that looks like since the virus made its way to Oklahoma. Many people are feeling tired and discouraged right now and it is important to tune into ourselves and find ways to make our overall health our number one priority. In the training, they will take a look at eight different dimensions of heath and wellness, and talk about how everyone can nourish those dimensions in a changed world. They will invite participants to share their own experiences and discuss any concern. What the Employee Assistance Program has seen is most people actually have symptoms of grief and compassion fatigue, which will be explained in the program. They want to be able to give folks a chance to come together and learn about how to be extra kind to themselves during this time.

The State of Oklahoma Employee Assistance Program recently developed an e-learning program Note to Self: Take Care of Yourself, Self-Care for Mind, Body & Spirit. This resource is free and available to everyone.  You will need to register on their website to access the e-learning program on Self-Care. You can find this resource on their website here.