Museum Open to Public Guideline Considerations COVID-19 Recovery

Museum "Open to the Public" Guideline Considerations

The Oklahoma Museums Association has compiled information based on enhanced best practices to offer Oklahoma museums guideline considerations to reopen their institutions. This document is a portion of a larger publication being developed by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits to assist nonprofits throughout the state with their reopening plans and considerations. This larger document is available for a download for FREE Re-Engagement Document,

The information presented in the Museum Open to the Public Guideline Considerations document includes ideas to demonstrate a museum's commitment to provide a comfortable, safe, and healthy space for visitors and staff.

Museums should be advised that some or all of the information in the document may not be applicable to every institution. It is strongly recommended that before implementing any of the ideas the institution carefully evaluates, and consults with outside legal counsel as appropriate, the legality, applicability and potential efficacy of this information for the institution.

OMA hopes that museums will consider following these guidelines to keep the staff, visitors and collections safe, but ultimately it is up to each museum and their board of directors to adopt their own policies and procedures.