Participate in #MuseumWeek 2018

Posted by OMA on 03/31/2018

Celebrate #MuseumWeek 2018!

We want everyone to know what a great museum you have!  #MuseumWeek helps you get the word out!

During the week of April 23-29, 2018, post on social media using the daily hashtags.  Monday, April 23, is #womenMW.  Highlight something in your collection created by a woman or an item owned by a famous woman from your town. Tuesday, April 24, is #cityMW.  What in your museum is related to city life or your city in particular.  Wednesday, April 25, is #heritageMW. Preserving heritage is part of our job.  Tell everyone how you do this.  Thursday, April 26, is #professionsMW.  Share with your followers what jobs people do at your museum.  Explain what a curator does, that a museum registrar is different from a college registrar, and even what a director does all day.  Friday, April 27, is #kidsMW.  What can kids do and see at your museum?  Saturday, April 28, is #natureMW.  Does your museum feature a nature trail next to it?  Do you have a courtyard where visitors can enjoy nature?  Sunday, April 29, is #differenceMW.  How can museums make a difference?  These are just some suggestions, feel free to get creative. 

In 2017, over 4,500 museums and cultural institutions around the world participated in #museumweek with 908 from the United States, 569 from the UK, 320 from Canada and 1 from Zimbabwe!  Museums and cultural institutions from 101 countries participated.  There were over 81,000 posts with over 1.6 million shares.  Share with everyone how great your museum is!  So, get ready to post, tweet, and share! Be a part of this global movement!  For more information about #MuseumWeek, go to

#MuseumWeek started as a movement in France on Twitter, and spread throughout the world and onto other social media platforms.  UNESCO supports this global initiative.