Oklahoma Museums Week May 18-24, 2014

You have probably visited a museum at some time in your life. Maybe you saw ancient artifacts and dreamed of becoming Indiana Jones. Maybe you saw a demonstration using a butter churn and realized how glad you are to be living in a more modern age. Maybe you took your family to a museum and they made a piece of art to take home. That museum visit has stuck with you. It was an educational, inspiring and fun experience.

We believe museums are places that educate, inform and entertain. You can help us spread the word about the importance and value of museums to the Oklahoma legislature and congressional delegation!

We are the voice of Oklahoma museums and we recently visited Oklahoma’s congressional delegation in person in Washington DC to let them know museums matter! As part of Oklahoma Museums Week May 18-24, we will uplift our Oklahoma museums and reach out to the state legislature with this year’s advocacy piece.

This is about recognizing the importance of museums to us as individuals, our communities and society. It’s about understanding the value of museums to educate, be economic engines and provide public service.

OMA appreciates the support for our advocacy efforts from Allied Arts — power2give.com, Continental Resources, Abigail Jones, Loretta Y. Jackson African American Historical Society, Connie Pirtle and Heidi Vaughn.


A special thanks to Governor Mary Fallin for proclaiming May 18-24 as Oklahoma Museums Week

State of Oklahoma

Executive Department


Whereas, Oklahoma is home to 500 museums and cultural organizations that are located in every region of the state that serve as educational institutions, preservation agencies, agencies of scientific research, and cultural centers; and

Whereas, Oklahoma museums represent a multitude of disciplines and learning experiences, including art museums, historical societies, historic sites, zoos, aquariums, science centers, botanical gardens, historic houses, natural history, children’s museums, living history museums, tribal cultural centers and museums; and

Whereas, Oklahoma museums encourage curiosity and provide a source of enjoyment and education for every generation and every community; and

Whereas, Oklahoma museums nourish minds and spirits by fostering contemplation, exploration, critical thinking, and dialogue to advance knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of history, science, the arts and the natural world; and

Whereas, Oklahoma museums are vital to the preservation, interpretation, and presentation of Oklahoma’s heritage;

Whereas, Oklahoma museums contribute significantly to the livability and economic viability of the state and its communities, create jobs, and attract tourists; and

Whereas, the Oklahoma Museums Association has served to bring important recognition of this commemorative week and invites all museums, Oklahoma residents, and local governments to use this milestone to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Oklahoma;

Now, therefore, I, Mary Fallin, Governor of the State of Oklahoma, do hereby proclaim May 18-24, 2014 as

Oklahoma Museums Week

In the State of Oklahoma


Download proclamation here