OMA Members Helping Members – Free advice

OMA has wonderful members and partners. One member has come forward to help with creating an online exhibit or digital collection and two corporate members have come forward to provide FREE one-hour advisory services to OMA members in this extraordinary time.  Please continue to read for more information. Only current OMA members are eligible for these free services.

JA Pryse, Archivist for the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center is offering OMA members help with creating an online exhibit or digital collection that can be shared with the public, while we are all virtually working and sheltering in place.  Below are several examples from the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center to give you some great ideas.

OMEKA (free online site with upgrade options)
Dick T. Morgan Digital Collection
Carl Albert Center Human Rights Collection
Carl Albert Interactive Platform of Discovery
Dewey F. Bartlett Digital Collection

Our YOUTUBE Channel is brand new and I am adding materials everyday. This is a great addition to an organization with moving pictures or audio that they want to showcase. He is 100% available to convert their existing digital media to work with YOUTUBE. He will ZOOM anytime to discuss this with anyone interested.

Check out their new channel: Carl Albert Center YouTube (please subscribe to their channel!)

Next idea Wikimedia Commons (also free and a great way to have your materials online and link back to the website)

Category: Carl Albert

OR the amazing DPLA – Digital Public Library of America site, which houses a ton of very cool materials from repositories from all across the US (free with easy guidelines)

Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center Collection

AND do not forget social media platforms. He has tutorials on these as well as YOUTUBE channel creation.

CAC Twitter
CAC Facebook

He has manuals and online ‘how-tos’ for all of these platforms and will work with ANYONE virtually to get them set up with a cool digital project. He is offering his services for free. Please let him know if you like more information or would like to get started today!

OMA is sure this will be popular, so we suggest contacting JA right away, first-come, first-served.

Contact information
JA Pryse, Archivist III
Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center
CAC Digital Collections
CAC Twitter
CAC Facebook

Vann & Associates is offering marketing/communications advice.

The Springer Company is offering consultations on Families First Paid Sick Leave.

To receive your FREE hour from Vann & Associates or The Springer Company, send an email to with a general idea of the advice you seek or specific questions you have in regard to the specified topics above. Be sure to provide your name, organization and a contact number.