Disaster Response Network

Members have been trained in disaster response and recovery of museum collections. All members are prepared to provide advice and phone support regarding minimizing damage to museum objects during and after a disaster.

To contact the network, please email [email protected] and include your contact information (phone numbers with area code and email), name of institution and location of the disaster, a description of your situation including date and time of occurrence and any additional information which you believe would be helpful to the network member.  

updated 10/2016

DRN Advisory Committee 
Nancy Lowe-Clark
Jennifer Day
Jennifer Holt
Victoria Book Lupia
Darcy Marlow
Melissa Owens
Jason Schubert
Helen Stiefmiller
Delaynna Trim
Jim Whitely

In addition, OMA connects museums to other available and timely resources from organizations such as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Authority), American Red Cross and others.