Teacher and Virtual Education Resources

Teacher and Education Resources


Remember to look for an education section on the following museum and related organization websites. 
You can find the entire list of Oklahoma museums here and look below for teacher and educational resources, many of which are free.

      • Oklahoma Transportation Grant Program
        The purpose of this program is to increase the accessibility of external learning opportunities for Oklahoma students so that they may form connections on subjects intrinsic to our state’s history. Funding for this program was appropriated to the Oklahoma Historical Society through Senate Bill 1081 in 2021 for the purpose of providing schools with grants to facilitate access to Black history and civil rights education outside of the classroom. This program will provide funding for kindergarten through 12th grade classes to visit specific institutions in Tulsa or Oklahoma City. Locations include the Greenwood Cultural Center in Tulsa, Greenwood Rising in Tulsa, the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum in Oklahoma City, the Freedom Center & Clara Luper Civil Rights Center (upon completion of renovations and construction) in Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City.

      • 108 Contemporary
        108 Contemporary Craft Kits are available online and provide a fun lesson plan for educators with information about the artists and craft processes along with instructions. Craft Kits are a great resource for today’s need for online instruction! With more than 30 kits to choose from, you are sure to find something to fit your educational needs. Click here for educational resources. 108 Contemporary is located in Tulsa.

      • American Banjo Museum
        Experience a world-class museum dedicated to honoring the rich history, vibrant spirit and unlimited future of the banjo. The museum contains the largest collection in the world of banjos on public display. Galleries include banjos from mid-19th century to modern day, covering jazz, classical, bluegrass, folk and world music. In addition to videos, and banjos owned by celebrities; visitors also can ‘learn to pick’ in our Learning Lounge! Click here for educational resources. American Banjo Museum is located in Oklahoma City. 

      • Chisholm Trail Heritage Center
        The Chisholm Trail has left a permanent hoof print on the culture and heritage of western Oklahoma. Garis Gallery of the American West, experience theater and more interactive exhibits! Year round educational programming for all grade levels. Oklahoma Academic Standard and STEAM based programs. Title I schools free admission. Travel reimbursements are available. Different sessions throughout year, so come once or come often.

      • Chisholm Trail Museum, Inc.
        Located along one of the greatest cattle trails in history, the Chisholm Trail Museum tells the story of innovation, industry, and commerce in Oklahoma through the years. To teach about Oklahoma’s innovations through the years, the Museum developed several educational trunks on topics such as “The Cattle Drives in Oklahoma” and “Fur Trappers & Traders in Oklahoma” designed for use in the classroom. Each trunk covers State Social Studies Academic Standards for grades three through five. Please contact the Museum to schedule a trunk for your classroom today! Click here for educational resources. The Chisholm Trail Museum is located in Kingfisher.

      • Discovery Lab
        Discovery Lab is an educational resource for Tulsa providing outreach museum classes to area schools and organizations, and as a field trip destination for hands-on learning experiences. Exhibits and programming encourage the development of executive function and process skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Educational content focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). Discovery Lab’s mission is to inspire children, connect families, and build community through exploration, exhibits, programming, and play. Discovery Lab is located in Tulsa.

      • Edmond History Museum
        The Edmond History Museum  celebrates Edmond history through preservation and education. The museum features traveling, temporary, and permanent exhibits on Edmond and Oklahoma history.  The museum offers field trips and curriculum kits for teachers and students. We currently have two curriculum kits: one on the Land Run and one about Native American heritage. Curriculum kits are available free of charge. Field trips can be custom designed based on a teacher’s need. Click here for educational resources. The Edmond History Museum  is located in Edmond.

      • Federal Judicial Learning Center and Museum
        A key aspect of the Historical Society of the US District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma is the Federal Judicial Learning Center and Museum. The Judicial Learning Center preserves and presents the history of the Court and offers civics education through exhibits and mock trials to students third through twelfth grade. Click here for educational resources. The Federal Judicial Learning Center and Museum is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Oklahoma City Branch
        Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City-one of 12 regional Banks that make up our nation’s central bank.  The OKC Branch serves Oklahoma in research, bank examination and public outreach. The Kansas City Fed offers free economic and personal finance resources for educators and students. We believe individuals of all ages who understand how the economy functions and know what tools are available make better financial decisions. Filter your lesson needs by Audience, Grade Level, Key Concepts or Formats. And finally, the Oklahoma Social Studies Standards have been paired up with our Fed lessons so it’s now an easy click to the lesson that matches the outcome you’re teaching. Visit the Education in Oklahoma tab on our Branch Page. For more information or assistance, contact Leslie Baker at leslie.baker@kc.frb.org. Watch video here.

      • First Americans Museum
        First Americans Museum seeks to share the stories and histories of the 39 tribes in Oklahoma. We have a wide-range of school programming that will be offered in the Fall, including new programmatic school visits for JOM/Title VI/Indian Education programs, which will allow students to cultural connect with their tribes and explore Traditional Ecological Knowledge through a host of activities. Additionally, we offer teacher professional development and special FAM membership for certified teaching staff. Share the Mission of the First Americans Museum; promote awareness and educate the unique cultures, diversity, history, contributions, and resilience of the First American Nations in Oklahoma today. Click here for educational resources. First Americans Museums in located in Oklahoma City.

      • Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
        The University of Oklahoma’s Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is one of the finest university art museums in the United States. Strengths of the more than 20,000 object permanent collection (including the approx. 3,300-object Eugene B. Adkins Collection and the more than 4,500-object James T. Bialac Native American Art Collection) are the Weitzenhoffer Collection of French Impressionism, 20th century American painting and sculpture, traditional and contemporary Native American art, art of the Southwest, ceramics, photography, contemporary art, Asian art and graphics from the 16th century to the present. Temporary exhibitions are mounted throughout the year that explore the art of various periods and cultures. Click here for educational resources. The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is located in Norman.

      • Greenwood Cultural Center
        A tour of historic Greenwood begins at the Greenwood Cultural Center.  GCC serves to preserve African American heritage and promotes positive images of the African American community by providing educational and cultural experiences, encouraging cultural exchanges, and facilitating cultural tourism.  GCC is committed to promoting the history of Black Wall Street and the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.  One of the ways the center does that is through an impressive collection of historic photos from before, during and after the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre that gives visitors a taste of Greenwood’s unique history. The photographic exhibit, “A Century of African American Experience, Greenwood: Ruins, Resilience and Renaissance” features photographs and narrative that document Greenwood’s history prior to the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre through the renaissance that began several years following the massacre. GCC also maintains the Sam & Lucy House, also known as the Mabel B. Little Heritage House and the 1921 Black Wall Street Memorial. The Greenwood Cultural Center is located in Tulsa.

      • Harn Homestead Museum
        In the Oklahoma State Capitol Park, on land that, before the Civil War, had been awarded by treaty to the Creek and Seminole Nations lies The Harn Homestead Museum. Within the Harn Homestead Museum and homestead site, students learn how people lived and survived on this farm 125 years ago. In addition, they learn the complex story of how Oklahoma evolved from U.S. Indian Territory into the State of Oklahoma today, where 40 Sovereign Native American Nations live within its borders. Because the Harn Homestead Museum has ten acres of park-land, we have adjusted our programming so that it takes place outdoors. This adjustment allows for safe social distancing between staff and students. The students will continue to have an interactive experience with such activities as Rope Making, Herb Gardening, and doing the laundry with an old-fashioned washboard. Click here for educational resources. Watch video here. Harn Homestead Museum is located in Oklahoma City. 

      • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
        The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is America’s premier institution of Western history, art and culture. The museum offers many educational field trip opportunities. Programs are based on grade level and offer students the chance to explore various images and artifacts unique to the American West. Professional development opportunities for educators are offered throughout the year. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum offers educational online study units for teachers and schools unable to complete a field trip to the Museum. More resources will be available in the coming weeks. Traveling Trunks provide resources that focus on the American cowboy and Native American culture. Teachers can tailor their program to accommodate any grade level. Items in the Trunks include artifacts, tools, clothing, images of artwork from the Museum’s collection, primary source activities, assessment suggestions, and story books to share with students. Utilize the Trunks to help provide students a glimpse of their upcoming Museum visit, supplement campus based activities, or enrich content sections by adding hands-on materials and lessons to your classroom. The Traveling Trunks are free of charge to pick up or drop off. Click here for educational resources. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is located in Oklahoma City.

      • National Park Service
        The National Park Service provides a variety of educational resources for teachers and students. These resources tie in with national Common Core standards, which can easily be adapted to Oklahoma state standards. From virtual visits, to ranger talks, to traveling trunks, the National Park Service in Oklahoma can provide a unique learning environment that is interactive and fun! National Park Service office is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute
        Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute at UCO has a vision to create schools that work for everyone, particularly through arts integration. We are dedicated to igniting imagination, creativity, and innovation in students, teachers, and schools. The A+ Essentials provide the framework for all of our work as we help schools and educators create learning environments that make sense for the children they serve. Known for our public/private partner model we are sought-out as a collaborator in state, national and international initiatives to help communities prepare the children they love to be successful in their adult world. Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute is located in Edmond. 

      • Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education
        The Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education (OKAGE), headquartered at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, is a professional organization for all educators in Oklahoma. OKAGE provides a year-round schedule of professional development events and academies for in-service and pre-service teachers, curriculum coordinators, and informal educators of all grade levels and backgrounds. These include workshops, summer institutes, and field studies that provide curriculum, materials, and experiential learning opportunities. Click here for educational resources. OKAGE is located in Norman. 

      • Oklahoma Arts Council
        The Oklahoma Arts Council is a state agency offering grants, programs, and services that expand meaningful access to the arts for all Oklahomans. The Oklahoma Arts Council offers grants to eligible schools to support hands-on arts education programs supporting ongoing arts learning in school and during out-of-school time. Current school grants include support for classroom supply costs, artists in residence, and professional development for arts teachers. We also offer free curriculum resources for arts education, as well as other programs and services that support arts learning across the state. Click here for educational resources. Oklahoma Arts Council is located in Oklahoma City. 

      • Oklahoma City Museum of Art
        The OKCMOA is one of the leading arts institutions in the region. The Museum presents a dynamic range of exhibitions organized from prestigious museums and collections throughout the world. OKCMOA has launched a new FREE Virtual Field Trip program that allows teachers and students to experience the galleries of the Museum from the comfort of their classrooms! The Museum will also resume in-person school tours, while offering free student admission and bus/substitute reimbursement. Click here for educational resources. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
        The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum honors those who were killed on April 19, 1995, and teaches about hope and resilience in the face of tragedy. The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum provides a variety of educational resources to teach civic principles using the lessons learned from the Oklahoma City bombing. Click here for educational resources. Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma City Zoo
        Adventures of all ages can enjoy exciting activities at the OKC Zoo. We continually strive to support species at risk and connect people to wildlife and wild places. The OKC Zoo offers many exciting programs both on grounds and off grounds all around the state! We have a special collection of education animal ambassadors that enhance our programs. These animals have been specifically selected as education program ambassadors because of the relevance to our Zoo programs and their comfort with audiences. You can request animals, but there are no guarantees, as animals may not be available or may not relate to the program(s) chosen. Zoo outreach programs help students develop awareness and appreciation for the natural world. By seeing and touching real animals, students make connections which foster commitments to environmental protection. Qualified zoo educators present these programs in your classroom to your students. Pre-k through 1st grade classes are all 30 minutes while 2nd grade and up are 45 minutes. Click here for educational resources. Oklahoma City Zoo is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center
        Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center encourages artistic expression in all its forms through education, exhibitions, and performance. Visit our website for more information and to schedule a tour. Teacher professional development workshops, open houses connected to interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, intersections of art and technology, design-thinking and writing inspired by contemporary art. Click here for educational resources. Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma Council for History Education
        The Oklahoma Council for History Education is dedicated to the scholarly teaching of history and developing the creative and critical skills that today’s students require for tomorrow’s success. OKCHE membership is tax deductible and includes a discounted rate to the National Council for History Education (NCHE) and OKCHE conferences, NCHE and OKCHE Newsletter, discounted rates to museums and historic sites and much more! Click here for educational resources. The Oklahoma Council for History Education is located in Edmond. 

      • Oklahoma Department of Libraries
        The Oklahoma Department of Libraries is the official state library of Oklahoma, serving the information and records management needs of state government, coordinating library technology, and offering specialized information resources. The State Archives at the Oklahoma Department of Libraries maintains some of the permanent records of Oklahoma state government. Our records span the territorial days through the present, and include Governors Papers, official bill files, Oklahoma Supreme Court Cases, annual reports, minutes, and publications.The Oklahoma Department of Libraries provides statewide access to educational databases for students, teachers, and adults at https://digitalprairieok.net/discover/. The agency also provides access to unique digital collections, including state government publications, photographs, books, and other primary sources found in libraries across the state at Oklahoma Digital Prairie, https://digitalprairieok.net/ Oklahoma Department of Libraries is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB)
        The OERB is funded through a voluntary one-tenth of one percent assessment on oil and natural gas production to help educate Oklahomans about the importance of the petroleum industry. We provide educators with free K-12 curricula aligned to state standards and all of training and classroom room materials needed to teach it. Click here for educational resources

      • Oklahoma Green Schools Program
        Our mission is to educate and empower Oklahoma students and teachers to make a difference in their schools and communities through an increased understanding of environmental issues. The Oklahoma Green Schools program utilizes Project Learning Tree (PLT) School Investigations which are student-led and can be conducted for the following topics: Energy, Water, Waste & Recycling, Environmental Quality and School Site. Free environmental education materials are available, as well as assistance with Student Action Projects. Click here for educational resources.  Oklahoma Green Schools is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma Hall of Fame | Gaylord-Pickens Museum
        Through each of its programs, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame preservers Oklahoma’s unique history and honors our state’s rich tradition by telling Oklahoma’s story through its people. The Oklahoma Hall of Fame also supports education in a variety of ways, including offering tuition grants and cash scholarships to Oklahoma high school students and hosting Free Field Trips for students from across the state. Programs are designed by educators to meet Oklahoma Academic Standards, and pre and post visit materials are provided for educators. Visit oklahomahof.com to learn more about our available programs! Click here for educational resources. Watch video here Oklahoma Hall of Fame | Gaylord-Pickens Museum is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma History Center
        The Oklahoma History Center’s mission is to collect, preserve, and share the history and culture of the state of Oklahoma and its people. We are dedicated to supporting home educators with high-quality primary sources, hands-on objects, and lesson plans. We offer a number of programs to help your students connect with history in a memorable way. You can check out educational trunks on a large number of topics for free. These “exhibits in a box” are a unique and interesting way to make history come alive in your lessons. We include curriculum guides that include timelines, articles, and activities to use but you can also pick and choose what you use from the trunks so they are very versatile. If you are looking for more Oklahoma history to use in your classroom, head over to the “Learn” section on our website, okhistory.org. You will find numerous articles to share with your students along with activities designed for meaningful learning. While on the website, you can register for a living history presentation or bring your students on a field trip to the museum. If you bring more than ten people and you register online at least two weeks prior to your visit, the INASMUCH Foundation will cover your admission fee!  Oklahoma History Center is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma Museums Association
        OMA assists Oklahoma’s 500 museums with their efforts to educate, inform and entertain. OMA is a one stop shop where teachers can learn about all Oklahoma museums and what they have to offer. Teachers can view the list of Oklahoma museums, explore many virtual programs that museums are offering and view of list of educational resources being offered by Oklahoma museums. Click here for a list of Oklahoma museums. Oklahoma Museums Association is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma Railway Museum
        Bring the Oklahoma Railway Museum into your classroom. Our Traveling Trunk is filled with railroad-related items for use by your students. The Trunk includes real artifacts like a railroad lantern, signaling flags, a telegraph key, historic telegrams and diner menus, conductor’s and engineer’s caps, a brakeman’s club, and pieces of coal. The trunk is available to teachers for a refundable deposit of $25. Contact us at 405.424.8222 or info@oklahomarailwaymuseum.org to reserve. Activities are suitable for grades Pre-K to 6 grade. Additionally, we have education materials that include books, puzzles, coloring sheets, safety signs, model train cars, and a plastic railroad set. Teacher resources include vocabulary lists, maps, information on railroad history, and a number of lesson plans. Teachers can use the materials in any suitable manner or in conjunction with lesson plans. Click here for educational resources. Oklahoma Railway Museum 9-5 Thursday-Saturday. Trains operate first and third Saturdays, April-August. Special trains Easter, Halloween and Polar Express. Group tours, birthday parties and educational resources. The Oklahoma Railway Museum is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Oklahoma Territorial Museum
        We offer tours for all ages and scavenger hunts for school groups, home schools, day-cares, etc. We can host discussions or lectures on a wide range of topics dealing with Oklahoma Territorial and State history as well as topics relating to the museum field including, genealogy, preservation, etc. Click here for educational resources. Oklahoma Territorial Museum is located in Guthrie.

      • Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition
        “24 Works on Paper” is the only traveling exhibition of artwork by living Oklahomans. Exactly 24 artists are featured. OVAC’s Education Guide provides discussion questions and activity prompts for K-12 students to engage with contemporary artwork being created right here in Oklahoma. Click here for educational resources. Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition is located in Oklahoma City.

      • Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry
        The mission of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry is to bring poetry and people together, to encourage wordplay and literacy and to provide a space where everyone can have an experience of poetry. The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry is located in Locust Grove.

      • Sam Noble Museum
        Dubbed the “Dinosaur Museum” by the locals, we’re the state natural history museum of Oklahoma, located on the OU campus! The Sam Noble Museum is your first-stop resource for natural history and science! Bring natural history into your classroom by planning a field trip with our grade-specific Gallery Guides, checking out a discovery kit, or take distance learning to the next level with the online platform, Sam Noble Home. Online resources including online activities, experiments, virtual educational experiences, and downloadable “Discovery Kits”. Click here for educational resources. Watch video here. Sam Noble Museum is located in Norman.

      • Science Museum Oklahoma
        With live demonstrations and planetarium shows, Science Museum Oklahoma is the state’s only hands-on science museum and one of the largest science museums in the nation! We are the state’s premier destination for family fun, houses more than eight acres of hands-on science experiences including SMO@Home activity pagesSMO Facebook live demonstrationsfield trips, and the Devon Thunder Explorers – a program that challenges students to think outside the box and develop problem-solving skills around questions that focus on STEM principals. Watch video here.  Science Museum Oklahoma is located in Oklahoma City.

      • SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology
        SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology celebrates vertebrate life by providing guests with an engaging adventure full of discovery, with the hopes that through education we will help cultivate an appreciation of the natural world and ultimately lead to conservation for the future. We have organized Teacher Pre-Visits for each of our educational classes that outline: Oklahoma Academic Standards each program adheres to, program descriptions, learning objectives, background information, vocabulary, and activities to do at SKELETONS to reinforce standards and learning objectives. Click here for educational resources. SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology is located in Oklahoma City.


    #MuseumsFromHome We know that visiting a museum in person is preferable and an awesome experience but not always possible so the following list of museums offer virtual experiences.  Oklahoma museums have been creative in bringing their museums to the public through a variety of virtual programs and engagements.  You can find the growing list of Oklahoma #MuseumsFromHome activities below.

    To add a museum to the list, please email info@okmuseums.org with the information.

        • 99s Museum of Women Pilots
          Take a virtual tour of women’s flying heritage that is filled with dynamic personalities who have charted the course to modern aviation.

        • Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
          Virtual Art Adventures, Creative Writing, Play Architect, Explore the Collections, and FJJMA App (with interactive maps, highlight tour and audio content).

        • Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum
          This new online resource is an exciting way to teach the Oklahoma City bombing and the remarkable community response to it. The 25th Anniversary Virtual Hope Trunk will help teach the Looking Back — Thinking Forward story of the Memorial.

        • Oklahoma History Center
          Virtual Tour, Online Exhibits and Educational Resources for teachers, students and parents

        • Oklahoma Historical Society
          Delve into Oklahoma history, discover collections, view film and video archives, trace your roots and more.

        • Sam Noble Museum
          Includes STEM activities, educational videos and other programs to support learning and fun for the whole family. Teachers can also request a virtual visit from museum staff members to join their online classrooms to discuss topics such as paleontology, anthropology, animal adaptations and more.