2023 Oklahoma Museums Association Sponsorships Announced

2023 OMA Sponsorships Announced – Show Your Leadership in the Oklahoma Museum Field by Being a Sponsor

Download the sponsorship packet hereNew sponsorship format this year, YOU select what is best for your museum or business.

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Empowering Oklahoma museums is our mission. Help support our mission by being an annual sponsor of professional training. OMA is a leader in providing training and resources for museums.
Much of what we offer is made available at no cost, enabling access to 
everyone whether paid staff, board member, volunteer or student.

Download the sponsorship information for this year. Select your sponsorship level at your earliest convenience and make your commitment online.
We are happy to invoice you, too. Sponsor benefits are reworked this year so you can tailor it to fit your purpose. As a sponsor, you select the recognition benefits most meaningful to you while being a leader in the museum field and helping OMA provide specialized training for museums. It’s win-win-win!

We know our wonderful Oklahoma museums need specialized training to continue providing programs and services to their communities. We need your help now to continue providing valuable professional development and training to our 500+ Oklahoma museums in 2023.

Working together in 2023, we can continue the tradition of being one of the best state museum associations in the nation encouraging Oklahoma museums to develop and realize their full potential as essential, vital and transformational in their communities.