Emergency Resources and Contact Information

The Oklahoma Museums Association has provided the following information to assist Oklahoma museums in their emergency preparedness and in the event of a disaster. Museums should remember that each institution is different and there is no one-size fits all emergency plan or response, so institutions are encouraged to personalize their emergency plan using the following resources.

Emergency Preparedness Resource list provided by Rebecca Elder Cultural Heritage Preservation 

Tools for Response and Recovery presented by Tracy Bidwell on the OMA Connections Call

Oklahoma Alliance for Response information

Phone Assistance

      • OMA Disaster Response Network – A member of the OMA Disaster Response Network (DNR) should be contacted right away for consultation upon the event of an emergency in your Oklahoma museum. Members have been trained in disaster response and recovery of museum collections. All members are prepared to provide advice and phone support regarding minimizing damage to museum objects during and after a disaster.  DRN Contact List

      • The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC) has a Cultural Emergency Response Team (CERT) to respond to the needs of cultural institutions during emergencies through coordinated efforts with first responders, state agencies, vendors and the public. Team members are trained to assess damage and initiate salvage efforts, and are available to provide telephone assistance and to visit the affected site as soon as it is accessible. Contact 202.661.8068 for 24-hour assistance. (The number also connects to a monitored e-mail address.)

      • The Midwest Art Conservation Center’s Field Services Department is available 24 hours a day to assist in emergency response and recovery. Contact 612.870.3128 or umca@qwest.net.   

      • The Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) offers emergency telephone assistance 24 hours a day for institutions and individuals with damaged paper-based collections. Contact 978.470.1010.

    Online Guides

        • Oklahoma Alliance for Response
          Alliance for Response is a national program on cultural heritage and disaster management. Through a series of local Forums, it builds bridges between the cultural heritage and emergency response communities before disasters happen. The Forums lead to new partnerships, policies, and cooperative planning efforts. OMA leads an Oklahoma Alliance for Response that offers training through partnerships with the Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board. 


        • Society for American Archivists National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives
          Any repository that holds archival records or special collections is eligible to apply for a grant. The repository need not be a member of SSA or SAA. Grant monies may be used for the direct recovery of damaged or at-risk archival materials; such services as freeze drying, storage, transportation of materials, and rental facilities; supplies, including acid-free boxes and folders, storage cartons, cleaning materials, plastic milk crates, and protective gear; and to defray the costs for volunteers or other laborers who assist with the recovery.