Vote for Your Favorite Photo in the 2023 OMA Photo Fundraiser

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Photos submitted by the public in response to an open call.

Photo #1 Heineken Museum in Amsterdam. The original windows of the brewing floor in the original Heineken Beer building in Amsterdam. To help keep the beer "pure" from sunlight, no clear glass was allowed. The building designers came up with a clever alternative - stained and frosted glass. The original brewing building has been turned into a museum - machinery, tile, WINDOWS, and all.
Photo #2 Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park. We honor those who answered the call of duty, there is no honor in war. But we honor the peace they sought and the freedoms they fought to preserve. If we could travel to the inside of the wall and experience their courage and bravery, would our outlook change toward our Vietnam veterans? The "Wall" is a reminder of the cost of freedom while providing closure and healing to those who returned.
Photo #3 Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The photograph was taken during spring break at the OKCMOA exhibit, "Chihuly Then and Now: The Collection at Twenty." The girls in the photo were drawing in the notebooks which the museum provided using all the colors found in the blankets. They were inspired by the bright colors and designs in the blankets, just like Chihuly.
Photo # 4 Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum. An image of surfboards in the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum. Interestingly, the museum was founded by a woman who had never surfed but fell in love with surf culture and wanted to ensure it was preserved and celebrated.
Photo #5 Yukon Mobile Veterans Museum. The mobile museum is available for schools, churches, civic groups and senior citizens groups upon demand. It has been used several times and they have a waiting list currently. They are always available to share our Veterans stories and memories.
Photo #6 First Americans Museum. Teepee glow in the Festival Plaza at night with First Americans Museum illuminated in the Hall Of The People.
Photo #7 Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The 2018 Isabelle de Borchgrave exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Represented here was Mother Nature, to me the most beautiful and delicate of the exhibit.
Photo #8 First Americans Museum. This image is the Winter Solstice sunset shining through the winter solstice tunnel at First Americans Museum on December 21, 2022. This event marks the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and marks the beginning of the new celestial year. The tunnel is a 20' x 20' passageway through the ancestral mound at the museum. The mound is manmade from 500,000 cubic yards of earth to represent the ancestors of this land.